There are numerous reasons why a homeowner might need a quick sale, one of the main reasons being repossession. Many elderly people who need to move into residential care often have to sell their home in order to finance part of the care, leaving them with nothing. Finally divorced couples invariably need a quick sale so that the division of assets allows them to move their own separate ways.


Statistically home repossessions have decreased dramatically since the recession set in during 2008 and in 2014. On the surface this may seem like good news because usually the prices of houses drops and they become much more affordable.

However, before we rejoice our economy is recovering the likelihood of its very low interest rates which made it easier for many people to carry on payments with their mortgages. Since interest rates are likely to rise within the next 12 months, according to the Bank of England, the repossession statistics are not likely to remain so positive when the increase is applied. Many more people will be facing serious problems, not least due to lack of employment and the higher cost of living.

Is your home about to be repossessed?

Statistics don’t help if you are personally facing repossession, there are many factors that can be the reason for why you are trying to sell. Have you inherited a house that you have no use for? Or maybe trying to downsize but having no luck?

If any of these circumstances are familiar to you all you need to know is that PMD Property Management can help you out. Unlike your bank or lender, we will not only provide you with an umbrella when the sun shines, but also when you need it most – in the rain.

We help our clients sell property quickly

The vast majority of our clients are in dire circumstances; living with the stress of threatened repossession, going through a divorce, in debt or possibly bereaved. We do not exist to profit out of other people’s misery.

The driving force behind our business is primarily to assist anyone in these circumstances to avoid repossession by enabling them to sell quickly; or if a property is already in the stages of repossession to resolve the problem by offering to purchase before final repossession takes place. We have the resources, experience, qualified staff and money to find solutions to most problems.

Our clients are not numbers to us; they are people who we care about.

We are able to sell property quickly or indeed buy property and we keep all our clients fully informed as to the progress of their sale.

If you are a homeowner who needs advice or assistance call us free on 0161 639 0212 to speak to one of our Distressed Property Consultants who will be able to give you more details about our services and in all probability relieve some of the stress you may be experiencing at the moment.


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