Inherited Property

Bereavement is not only upsetting for all concerned but the complications of inheritance, if the value of a property is meant to be split multiple ways thats where the problem is caused. Alternatively you may have a property a far distance away that is difficult to maintain and keep secure.

In the current housing market the sale may take a very long time and this is where PMD Property Management can help. We can purchase the property quickly and with no expense to you. Call us for further details about our Property Inheritance Service or complete our online form, providing us with details and we will contact you by return.

Divorce –
Separation of assets

The separation of property and assets in a divorce is always difficult and painful. PMD Property Management can make you an instant offer for the matrimonial home with fast completion allowing you to move on without enduring a long waiting period before the property can be sold.


If, in the unfortunate circumstance, you are unable to continue living in your own property for health reasons PMD Property Management will purchase your property to assist you in your move to residential or nursing home care or into warden controlled accommodation. It may be that that your home has become too large to manage but whatever the reason we can help.

When A Sale Does not
Proceed to Completion

There is nothing more disappointing when you have had your property up for sale for some considerable period of time and then, due to a broken chain, the sale does not proceed. Avoid more broken chains by selling to PMD Property management


If you have been offered employment abroad or just want to retire to the sun, we can help with a fast, efficient service in the purchase of your home. You will make tremendous savings on estate agents fees, legal fees, survey fees etc., because we cover those.

Property in

No matter the condition of your property we are still interested in the cash purchase of it even if the property is, in your view, beyond repair.


PMD Property Management can negotiate with your lender to stop the repossession of your home and find the best solution to your problems, either by selling you home for you quickly or buying it.


We could say because we offer the best financial solutions in our industry, but we allow our clients to tell you that with our testimonials.

The fact is that we have years of experience in dealing with distressed properties and other property matters that require fast solutions. Many of the people who work for us have first-hand experience and so understand exactly what you are going through.

11 reasons we stand out from the rest

  • 1We will look for a solution that meets your specific requirements and negotiate a reasonable sale price with you.
  • 2If your property is in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland we are interested in purchasing it, no matter its condition.
  • 3We pay your survey and legal fees.
  • 4You do not need to provide us with a Home Information Pack.
  • 5It isn’t necessary to refurbish the property or to decorate it.
  • 6We do not charge a commission.
  • 7You are not obliged to proceed with the sale after an offer has been made.
  • 8We make you a guaranteed and fair cash offer.
  • 9If we decide to purchase your property we won’t keep you hanging around for a decision and in most cases you can expect an instant offer.
  • 10Your matter will remain confidential even if you decide not to proceed with our services.
  • 11If you decide to accept one of our solutions we will handle everything, allowing you to take a break from the stress you may have been under for some time.


*Mandatory Information. We will never pass on or share this information with any other party.